Wordpress Website Mastery 2017

Wordpress Website Mastery 2017


  • A Computer, an internet connection and 1 hour of your time. No programming, No HTML skills needed !


Learn how to make a $2000 professional Wordpress website 2017 in 1 hour - step by step with no knowledge of how to make a website necessary. This tutorial will show you each step how to create a website from getting hosting and installing wordpress to choosing a theme and to blogging.

You’ve save thousands of dollar building this website by yourself in 60- 90 minutes most. And you could even charge your clients thousands of dollars if you decided to provide website design service for them

What You’ll Learn in this course :

  1. What is the best affordable hosting & domain and where to buy it ?
  2. Purchase Hosting & Domain and Set it up
  3. How to install Wordpress onto your hosting service
  4. How to choose and install your wordpress theme
  5. Step by step complete customise your Wordpress Theme & Website
  6. Which plugins to use How to plan your site content so it works for you
  7. How to create a blog post
  8. How to create SEO rich content & optimize your content for Google
  9. How to Backup Your Website

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for the complete beginners who have no idea how to install, setup and use Wordpress before
  • For all type of small business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, bloggers and digital marketer who want to a beautiful website in minutes
  • For entrepreneurs that hate coding and technical but want to a professional and beautiful website in 1 hour