WordPress Plugins: Unleash the power of free plugins

WordPress Plugins: Unleash the power of free plugins 2018


  • You need a WordPress website, a PC and internet connection

  • You have some knowledge about plugins and how they work


Very Important! This course is no longer updated, and some of the plugins may not work as they used to, not updated anymore or they’re not free as they used to be, some could even be taken down from WordPress .org and can no longer be updated, so I advise to not use them or use any plugin you found it’s no longer updated.

Are you using a WordPress website or building one for a client and want to have a list of powerful free plugins to use?

or you just started using WordPress and discovered the true power of plugins? this course is made for you.

Plugins are here to make your life easier

With WordPress, it was never this easy to have a professional website, and with plugins, you can add many features in minutes, even when you’re a beginner, you have hundreds to choose from, and this course is what you need to take less time looking for plugins, and start making your website better.


Because I made this course for you, I will update the list of plugins as much as I can, and because I know no one is perfect, I’m ready to go again and explain anything with the help of your feedback, you can ask for plugins suggestions, a step by step tutorial, updating a video or adding a plugin to the list, together we can make this course better.

In this course, you’ll learn about some of the most popular plugins, and how to install them and use them, but I don’t go step by step, so you still need to refer to the guide provided by each plugin developer.


I’ve been using WordPress for years for me and for my clients, and I spent hours and hours learning here at Udemy and on other platforms, and I know that time is important, that’s why I tried my best to only cover what’s important, the videos are scripted, I edited every video so you don’t have to wait as I did for plugins to install or for pages to load, you are here to learn about plugins, and I’m willing to make it my main focus, but if you think you need more help with any of the plugins, I’m here to answer your questions or better, make a step by step tutorial for you.

List of Plugins:

Inside the course you’ll have a PDF file with the complete list of plugins, the list is not final and I’ll update the course whenever I can or to cover a topic you’re interested in, your Plugins suggestions are most welcome.

  • Backup & security
  • Speed & Performance
  • Content
  • Features & customization
  • Comment & Social sharing
  • Ads and analytics

For my Student

Please use the Q&A section to tell me which website you have or working on and any features you want to use but couldn’t find a plugin for it, if any plugin in the videos don’t work or you have a better suggestion, let me know, I would love to expand the list with your help.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone how just started using WordPress and want to use plugins
  • This course is not for total Beginners who wants to learn WordPress
  • WordPress users looking for new and free plugins