What is new in C# 6

What is new in C# 6


  • Intermediate knowledge of C# programming language

  • Visual Studio 2015


Course explains new features of C# 6. It’s for C# programmers who want to upgrade their C# skills from C# 5 to C# 6 using easy and effective way. Every topic has brief intro with explanation of reasons why the feature is usefull. New features of C# 6 are auto-property initializers, getter-only auto-properties, expression-bodied members, using static, null-conditional operators, string interpolation, nameof expressions, index initializers, exception filters, await in catch and finally blocks. All features are demonstrated on practical code examples in Visual Studio 2015. Source codes for sample application are included. Course helps you to write better and more maintainable C# code with new C# 6 features.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for C# programmers who have some knowledge of C# and want to learn new features which comes with C# 6
  • This course is not for C# beginners