Wall street 101- Understanding Financial Services

Wall street 101- Understanding Financial Services


  • A computer or cell phone with internet connection

  • Eagerness to learn about the financial services industry and wall street


Are you entering or looking to enter the world of financial services? Do you feel there is so much to learn but don’t know where to start? Are you a sales person, analyst or operations manager looking to get a get a big picture of the financial services landscape before your big presentation due tomorrow? Do you need to brush up the basics before a wall street interview?

Instead of boring you with endless theory, this course gives you a practical foundation for anyone looking to understand the role of financial institutions and products in our day to day lives and also enables you to identify areas of financial services to specialize in.

This course talks about what is out there in the world of Banking, Financial services and Fin-Tech in a short and concise manner. It can also serve as a precursor in case you are talking up specialized courses like Series 7, CFA, CFP or other professional licenses.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone interested in a beginner course in the financial services area and wants to the understand commonly used financial services & wall street terminology.
  • Must for all Business analysts, Project Manager, Senior executive, Consultants looking for working in the financial servies domain / wall street
  • Prep course for someone planning to get a financial certifications like series 7, CFA and CFP