Vue.js 2 Basics in just 1 hour FREE

Vue.js 2 Basics in just 1 hour FREE


  • Learn the basics of vueJs 2


Vue.js is a progressive javascript framework wich means you can use vue.js for your whole project or just one section of it. Compared to other javascript Frameworks like Angular or React Vue.js is specialy beginner friendly and in my opinion the best one to strat with after you learned your javascript basics. We will be covering the very basics of vue.js and you will have a solid understanding on how to use vue.js in your future projects. There will be of course a lot more to be covered that wont be in this 1 hour course and will be creating some additional courses on vue.js in the future.

enjoy the course, TIm :slight_smile:

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to get to the next level in the javascript game