Video Editing For Beginners: Learn How To Edit

Video Editing For Beginners: Learn How To Edit


  • Be able to download a Video Editing Software of your choice!

  • Willing to learn video editing!

  • Have a desire to start creating videos!


WELCOME TO Video Editing For Beginners: Learning How To Edit!

This is the Video Editing course for those who desire who to learn Video Editing!

This course will give you the tools and information to learn more about the course!

This course will cover everything about video editing;

  • What is Video Editing?
  • What are Transitions?
  • What is the Best Editing Software for Me?
  • What are Screen Formats?
  • What are Frame Rates?
  • And So Much More!

Also you will receive additional information on any question you have.

But Why Me?

My name is Christian Figueroa, I studied my bachelors in Film-making and Video Editing! I had created videos for company’s and brands. Even though this is awesome, I always had a desire to teach others what I know. That’s why I created this course so you can start learning and editing right away!

Enroll and I will see you inside!



#Video Editing 101

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people wanting to learn the basics of Video Editing!
  • This is for people wanting to create videos using video editing!
  • This is for anyone interested in the art of video editing!