VFX and Virtual Reality Theory Basics

VFX and Virtual Reality Theory Basics


  • Passion or Interest in VR or the VFX industry

  • Basic Understanding of Film Production and the Production Process


If you have always wanted to jump on the virtual reality (VR) bandwagon but have no idea how to - you’ve just found your solution right here. This theory course will help you get a good grasp of how VR ties into the visual effects (VFX) industry - keeping you updated on the terms, trends and uses of VR in the Hollywood film industry.

Expand your VFX Knowledge to Include the Booming VR Industry .

Understand every aspect of how VR and VFX work together and what this means for the future of the film, VFX and technology industries .

Why This Course?

  • Taught by a real professional in the visual effects and film industry who worked on actual Hollywood blockbusters as well as startups in VR and Silicon Valley
  • Covers terms and vocabulary used by visual effects industry veterans as well as applicable tools and types of projects
  • In-depth exploration into different real-life examples of VR and VFX collaborations
  • Networking and open collaboration opportunities with instructor and students

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead by Speaking the Language of VR with the VFX Crowd .

You will Learn How:

  • To use and understand VR terms and vocabulary specific to the VFX industry
  • To compare between different software, hardware and tools for VR and VFX
  • To differentiate what makes a successful VR and VFX collaboration as well as the type of projects available in the industry

The best part of it all - this course is utterly and ridiculously FREE .

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in staying up to date with the latest visual effects industry trends
  • Film students and graduates interested in understanding more about VR and visual effects
  • Students of filmmakers interested in cinematic and live-action VR
  • Students of my other VFX courses who want to enhance their understanding of visual effects
  • NOT for anyone looking for a hands-on practical course on VR and VFX (this is a beginner’s theory-driven course only)