UiPath Studio Overview - Video Tutorials & Features Guide


  • Attitude to learn and Improve themselves

  • Windows 7 or more machine

  • Community edition of Uipath studio


“A bad workman blames his tools” - sounds a common problem? Lack of having a firm grip of his tools is one of a major reason for failure even if there are plenty of opportunity. This Video tutorial course is meant to close this gap and act as a guide to all detailed features of UIpath Studio.

Who must take this course

  1. Manager/business decision maker will get a feel an RPA studio in less than 45 minute
  2. This course will give wings to beginners since you will learn the finest handling of UIpath studio.
  3. This course is ‘The guide’ to those who are explorers of digital trends like RPA [ using UiPath]
  4. Robotic process automation is one of the buzz word in industry. Many developers and business users are keen on learning it. But the Problem they face is Which tool to choose for RPA? How difficult it is to develop a Robot and automate a process? This video course is a guide for those curious minds for UIpath. - A typical business user
  5. Uipath Developers who still think it is difficult to develop/debug with Studio and create stable bots.

Topics covered in this Uipath Studio tutorial

  1. How to debug in Uipath studio

  2. How to add packages in Uipath studio

  3. How to change theme in Uipath Studio

  4. What is the use of locals window in Uipath studio

  5. How to find code execution path using outline window

  6. How to use logging & trace effectively

  7. What are the important shortcuts in Uipath studio

  8. what is selector tool in Uipath studio - How to use it

9.How to to navigate between parent and child workflow using invoke workflow activities while building robots

  1. How to create user defined Template in Uipath studio [ like Enhanced Reframework template ]

who might not be interested

UIpath veterans who are juggling with bots and crushing RPA with their knowledge might find this course very silly.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginers who want to know about features of UIpath Studio
  • UIpath developers who want to speedup development using Using UIpath Studio
  • Curious minds who want to know where robots are manufactured
  • Business Managers to get detailed Feel of an RPA tool