Types of Interviews with Michael H Ballard

Types of Interviews with Michael H Ballard


  • Be open to learn

  • Be ready to prepare

  • Know what we can NEVER please everyone

  • Understand the proper prior practise and preparation promotes peak performance and better outcomes


Types of Interviews with Michael Ballard

Uncover what types of interviews you can face when you’re out for a job interview, sales interview, fund raising and community development.

Uncover the different types of interviews so you can excel once you understand how the interview is structured.

The goal is to introduce you to these many types of interviews. When we are aware of what we are facing, we don’t have to like the experience. However we do or we should be better mentally prepared as we’re more aware of the process. So, sit back take notes and enjoy the program.

In this program you’ll get:

  1. The different types of interviews you can expect during job search, sales calls, fund raising with organizations.
  2. Thoughts on each type of interview
  3. So added tips on “fitting in” on corporate culture

A Bonus Section

I"ll share:

  1. Three key skills to help you fight the stress and anxiety that can get in the way of your ability to be at your best in your interview.
  2. An interview that helps you better understand the who and what of the work

About Michael H Ballard

I help people of all ages learn how to overcome life’s hurdles. I’ve lived adversity, constant change and turmoil several times.

People don’t need to be motivated. They need perspective to be inspired, the key skills to manage, and a process they understand to work through the turmoil. I’ve been honoured to share my story from Singapore to Stockholm to Bermuda, and coast to coast in North America.

I’ve coached, trained and worked with several thousands of people in job search from 19 year olds through to 69 year olds. From those with Grade 12 education through to Masters and Phd’s, Trade professionals, specialists who had burnt out from high impact careers, and to those with long term unemployment issues due to health issues, some for upwards of a decade.

I’ve worked for:

  • Government Agencies to assist their local job search groups when unemployment was in double digits,
  • Educational Institutions to assist new graduates get hired in their chosen field
  • Associations when their memberships required help during slow economic times
  • To assist staff when a business was closing down a location for Fortune 500 and Canadian Business 1000 firms
  • Coaching individuals
  • Community development groups i.e. Cancer Care and Support

Who this course is for:

  • All who want to have a high quality experience
  • Anyone who wants to make certain they are at their best in any interview