Trading exchange rates - total Forex comprehension

Trading exchange rates - total Forex comprehension


  • Basic understanding of investing

  • Desire to become an independent Forex trader

  • Light experience with Forex demo account


Taking this course will make you a full trader

Every day, hundreds of students sign up for Forex courses only to be disappointed by the lack of confidence and comprehension gained by the end of the training. Learning cool words for 5 hours is great, and you’ll be able to sound like a trader by the end of it, but 99% of the time you won’t know how to make money which is the goal, right?

The purpose of this course is to finally eliminate ALL of the confusion involved with making money with Forex. Who cares about how much you know about the market if all it leads to is consistent losses?

After seeing literally hundreds of amazing students like you become profitable after taking “Momentum Swing Trading Mastery” I started thinking it might be possible for the average student to gain full comprehension in just a few hours.

This course will give you the knowledge you need to say " Fu% courses!"* and confidently and masterfully create a system of your own. Heck, maybe you’ll be the one teaching the art of trading by the end of this.

In this training we’ll cover everything from the foundations of trading exchange rates all the way to creating a profitable trading system. Along the way, you’ll pick up invaluable breadcrumbs that will ensure long-term success and confidence.

Some of the things we’ll cover:

  • Liquidity
  • Market making
  • Inflation analysis
  • Economic strength analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Eliminate risk of loss while doubling potential for gain
  • and much more…

Learning to make money trading isn’t hard, the problem is that every course is simply a catalogue of definitions. If you’re looking for a course with the most complex vocabulary that will make you sound cool when talking to strangers go somewhere else because I don’t care about that, my job is to teach people how to make money trading Forex. This course will teach you how to create a trading system based on full top-down economic and fundamental analysis and execute with confidence.

Who this course is for:

  • Looking to become an independent, profitable, Forex trader
  • Want to learn FULL analysis factors