The Steem Course for Content Creators

The Steem Course for Content Creators


  • have a based overview about crypto currency platform

  • understand blockchains a little or at least research the term

  • already understand what it takes to be a blogger


decentralised blogging has well and truly arrived with the steem powered blockchain!

little over eight months ago i signed up to the steemit website not knowing what to expect and completely out of my depth understanding how everything worked from the perspective of a content creator. it’s taken me a good amount of time to get to grips with everything and i want to bring you up to speed quickly so you can jump and put your hands on the right software quickly and understand the basics of the platform.

Who this course is for:

  • anyone looking to build up an audience
  • someone that wants to learn about crypto currency
  • someone looking to build another residual income from posting and curating
  • writers, video bloggers, content creators, youtubers all welcome