The SECRET to Selling Anything

The SECRET to Selling Anything


  • No prerequisites. Just an open mind to learning a New, Effective Approach to Sales, that isn’t ‘Salesy’


If you have a product, service or idea that you have to sell, this course will provide you with the exact approach needed to easily convert a warm prospect into a paying client/customer.

No matter what your ‘job’ might be, in some way or form, we all now have to be able to sell - even if it’s ourselves! The art and skill of selling is one of the most valuable skills you can carry with you and this ultimately leads you to creating more of the things you want in life.

But there are some big challenges stopping most people when it comes to sales, like;

  1. When should I ask for payment?
  2. How do I know if I’m wasting my time with a prospect?
  3. What order should my conversation flow in?
  4. What’s the difference between features and benefits of a product?
  5. How do I not sound robotic whilst using a script?

The above are just a few problems that I’ve come across when training clients on sales which is what inspired me to create this program.

So what is the big SECRET to sales?

SECRET is an acronym for the 6 stages of the sales process that I have personally tried and tested myself to generate over £500,000 revenue in 18 months from selling £250 to £10,000 products & services.

I created the acronym so that while I was in the middle of a sales conversation/appointment, I would never forget which direction the conversation needed to flow to next.

It also meant I never had to read from a script which meant I could always be focused on my prospect!

Some of the things i’ll cover in this course are:

  1. How to get the best from this course
  2. Example scripts for each section of the process
  3. Broken-down explanations of the purpose of each section and how to achieve the desired result
  4. How to really uncover your prospects problems/pain
  5. Why you shouldn’t just jump in with how amazing your product, service or idea is.

I’ve loved consulting with this methodology and am really excited to see how it works for you as well! This approach has been tried and tested with services in personal development , healthcare and product based businesses.

On top of that, as I continue to grow, develop and refine my own skill in sales, I will keep updating the videos in this course for free, to make sure you’re up to date with the my approach!

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Graduates
  • Students
  • Sales professionals
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Anyone who needs to sell