The Art of Raising Capital

The Art of Raising Capital


  • The students entering this course need to have a basic understanding of business and entrepreneurship.

  • The students entering this course need to have started (or are on the verge of starting) their own business.

  • The students entering this course need to understand that a private investment is serious, and should be handled with extreme caution and due diligence.


This course is meant to teach people how to build investable companies and become investable entrepreneurs. Not all businesses are investable opportunities. There are certain traits that investors look for in companies they want to add to their portfolio. But above all - investors are looking to make investments with a mitigated risk profile. This course will outline the basics of how investors think, and how entrepreneurs can build their company to appeal to an investment from a venture capital or private equity firm.

Michael Melfi and Jesse Henry have spent years working with entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. They’ve helped them find operational inefficiencies, scale operations, and raise the capital necessary to grow their business (and help others do the same). Please feel free to message them with any questions.

Who this course is for:

  • entrepreneur
  • small business owner