The 5 Week Brand Transformation

The 5 Week Brand Transformation


  • A notebook and willingness to learn

  • No prior business knowledge is necessary


Pieces of this very course are taught all over the internet for free,
but implementing just one piece will not be fruitful. And those who have
put all these pieces together in one course are charging upwards of
$600-$1,000. I’m able to offer this organized, step-by-step whole brand
transformation affordably because although a lot of the content is
evergreen, I know the marketing and branding landscape and its trends
will continue to change, and because I’ve created this course easily and
efficiently while implementing the changes to my own business, I’m able
to use it to get to know new business owners in a comfortable and
valuable setting. All my courses are designed to satisfy all learning
styles with multi-media delivery (videos, reading, and printables).

Who this course is for:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Multi-level Marketers
  • Brand Representatives
  • Business Coaches