Sustainable Tourism Development

Sustainable Tourism Development


  • No prerequisites are required


The course is intended to introduce students with the concepts of sustainable tourism development, it’s patterns, principles and their practical application in tourism management. During the course students will gain an understanding about the strengths and challenges of tourism as a tool for sustainable development. Course helps to form a systematic knowledge about the impacts of the tourism industry on destinations and local communities. Environmental, sociocultural and economic impact including multiplier effect and tourism leakage will be analysed. Students will be introduced with the key actors in the sustainable tourism, their impact and interaction within each other. Students also will be able to understand how sustainable tourism works within different type of tourism sectors and types of tourism. Course will discuss the challenges and impacts of coastal tourism to the sustainable development of the area. During the course students will look into the concept and dimensions of ecotourism, main principles, types of ecotourism and the role of each stakeholder in it.

Who this course is for:

  • Persons involved Tourism Sector