Supply Chain Planning that Delivers a Competitive Edge

Supply Chain Planning that Delivers a Competitive Edge


  • A computer with an internet connection

  • An interest in discovering the future of supply chain


The 1960s called. They want their supply chain back.

Until recently, supply chain planning had not changed very much since the 1960s. Why not gain a competitive advantage over your peers, and learn how supply chain has transformed in a digital world? This informative and compact course will rapidly help you expand your supply chain planning knowledge with an eye on the changing supply chain landscape, and teach you how to employ concurrent planning and 21st century technology to modernize your supply chain.

You may already have some background in supply chain or plan to be a supply chain professional. This course will fortify your existing knowledge, by teaching the latest techniques and technology used by modern supply chain planners to gain a competitive advantage over their industry rivals. Together, we’ll examine how the use of concurrent planning eliminates silos and disconnects between various stages of a supply chain.

By the conclusion of this 30-minute course, you will be exposed to valuable lessons and examples that can bring you an immediate return on your investment, and more efficiently drive your materials through your supply chain to build your finished goods. You will be ready to revolutionize planning in supply chain for the 21st century.

Enroll now and gain your advantage before someone else does!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to modernize their supply chain planning skills
  • Anyone looking to enter the supply chain field