Strategic Decision Making during Complex and Volatile Times

Strategic Decision Making during Complex and Volatile Times


  • A strong wifi connection

  • A basic understanding of financial and accounting terminology


There has never been such times like Covid19 disturbing the global economy to such level and length in combination with the age of internet. Major crisis are absolute challenges for management team and business owners as those events require them to fully exercise their decision making abilities to go through the crisis with minimum damage and survive. But here is the question:

How to make strategic decisions during complex and volatile times that will carry your business forward?

It is important to understand that major crisis have different patterns than Covid19 which takes the complexity of this crisis to a new level. In order for businesses to have the minimum damage and survive, decision making models come as strategic maneuvers.


In this mini-course, I’m sharing decision making models that will help you to make minimum viable decisions and observe and pivot if necessary to make sure that your business is still on track and has various scenarios in place.

1-Major crisis event (typical arc) vs Crisis event for Covid19

2-Asymmetric Impact of the Pandemic

3-Defining Success

4-Traditional Decision Making Criterias

5-executive Decision Making Framework in the Time of Covid19

6-A comprehensive Covid19 Response Framwork

7-Time Frame Based Process

8-3 Priorities

9- Scenario Planning in Strategic Decision Making

10-The Reset

11-Case Study from China


The decision making models explained in this course will benefit anyone and everyone whether you are a business owner, a senior manager or a student. These tools are applicable to everyday life from your personal well being to corporate well being.


My name is Evrim and I am your instructor in this course. I’ve been teaching Strategic Decision Making during Complex and Volatile times at Shanghai Jiatong University to Elite MBA students and in premium courses for entreprenuers who want to enter China market. I have provided consulting services to various businesses from different industries during Covid19 and set up my own business during this time. As an entrepreneur and lecturer, I have extensive first hand experience navigating through this crisis using the decision making models in this course. I can’t wait to see you in this mini-course.

Who this course is for:

  • Junior managers to senior managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • C-Executives
  • Anyone who likes to take control of their life personally and professionally during Covid19