'Straight Talk' - The Art of Influencing Behavioural Change

‘Straight Talk’ - The Art of Influencing Behavioural Change


  • Be ready with challenging personal life situations where you wish to give or receive feedback or simply get into straight heart to heart conversation which might otherwise get tricky.


A common issue that people face during human interaction is the need to inform others of their behavioural aspects that are not helpful. Unfortunately, this is also found to be the most difficult aspect of communication for many people for many reasons. We would like to bring this issue to the forefront in this session. We will bring to you a comprehensive list of the many EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL barriers that people face when they need to confront another individual. The course utilises multiple engagement tools such as especially shot videos and customised questionnaires to self-assess your learning. At the end of this course you would know of the best practices that people use to be successful in the area of having one-on-one feedback conversations for influencing behavioural change.

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in developing their conversation skills especially when the situation is sensitive, for example - feedback skills
  • People who wish to influence behavioural change in others but are struggling to find the right time and the right way to say it.