Storytelling in Business

Storytelling in Business


  • Basic business knowledge


The purpose of this course is to explore, demonstrate and explain the storytelling techniques used by successful companies and executives such as the late Steve Jobs to influence internal and external audiences. Contemporary managers need these skills for diverse business situations, including addressing company meetings, advertising their business, corporate presentations, brand management, strategic planning and sales presentations. Attendees will be shown that successful corporations such as 3M, Nike, IBM, NASA, and Apple actively use storytelling techniques to explore and communicate complex management issues. Microsoft has its own story-telling department and a dedicated Director of Storytelling. 3M replaced its traditional business- planning process with one focused on storytelling, and Oracle has adopted a programme to enhance its sales process through creating engaging product stories known as “story-selling”. With a focus on using storytelling as a business tool, this course will give an overview of different theories of storytelling in a business environment. Attendees will be introduced to practical frameworks and toolkits that can be applied in organisations to enhance communication across business disciplines.

By the end of the course attendees will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge to a corporate and entrepreneurial environment using storytelling as an effective business tool.

Who this course is for:

  • Everybody who is interested in how storytelling works and how to apply it in a business context