Statistical Analysis with Excel by Using ExTool

Statistical Analysis with Excel by Using ExTool


  • Students will need the Excel software and will also need to download the ExTool Add-on Application from the ParaTool website. It would be helpful to know the basic statistics knowledge.


This course will include statistical analysis in Excel with ExTool toolbox. Topics such as descriptive statistics, correlation test, outlier test, normality test, linear regression, logistic regression, ANOVA, T-test, Z-Test, Goodness of fit test, variance test, proportion test, time series analysis and prediction, etc. Each virtual lecture includes a visual demonstration along with audio or written commentary. Students should take this course if they are using Excel in their daily lives—especially if they are interested in doing statistical analysis with Excel. Excel itself has limited capability to handle statistical analysis tasks. By completing this course and learning the ExTool applications, students can handle basic statistical analysis without using other charged professional software like Minitab or SAS.

Who this course is for:

  • Students that use Excel in their daily work or education should take this course, no matter his or her proficiency.