Simple And Easy: Wordpress For Beginners

Simple And Easy: Wordpress For Beginners

Learn Wordpress 101 by creating a Fantastic Wordpress Website with no Coding Experience required!


  • No knowledge of Wordpress, FTP, etc. is necessary

  • All you need is a Computer with internet

  • No programming experience required


Do you want to create a Website? Confused on online programming tutorials, and want a simple and easy way to do so?

Well then, you’re in the right place :slight_smile:

Simple And Easy: Wordpress 101 will take you from a complete beginners of Wordpress to you creating your own Wordpress Websites. We’ll cover everything from domains and web hosting, to downloading and installing our Wordpress theme.

After that, we’ll go through how to use the theme, and create our responsive website. Sections such as Testimonials, Team, Clients, Blog, etc. will be added and it will be a complete Website. I’ll even show you how to add a Contact Form, Integrate the site with MailChimp for sign ups, and more!

If you want a quick and easy way to create a Website, then this course is for you!

Why are you still reading this summary? Go buy the course now, and dive into the World of Wordpress! :slight_smile:

Who this course is for:

  • Meant for Wordpress Beginners with no prior experience
  • Anyone looking to create a website with no programming experience.