Selecting the Correct Franchise

Selecting the Correct Franchise


  • This will be a paid course, but I will supply my book as part of the course material. That is all they will need; I will be asking questions from my book and from the recorded sessions in a email format.


The course covers the basics of how to select the correct franchise that will fit your work requirements and lifestyle. This course will also help people decide if they want a Franchise business instead of attempting to start it on their own.

I wrote a book on Franchising called, “Buying a Franchise: 24 Items to Beware of Before Signing”. I will distribute this to all participants in the course.

There are five 16-18 minute sessions recorded. It could be from one week to four weeks depending on the students pace.

The course is structured according to a series of questions that I would ask an individual to find a custom Franchise for their needs. I continue from one session to the next with further questioning on different topics. I also describe different Franchise topics as we proceed. I tell the participants that they can email me and I will respond to their questions in 24 to 48 hours. At the end of the course, they can also sign up at my website for a free Franchise Consultation; if that is something they desire.

Participants should take this course if they were laid-off from their job or they want a work life change and would now like to work for themselves. Some individuals would like to start a Franchise as an investment and keep their present position, because there are semi-absentee and absentee Franchises that give you this opportunity.

Who this course is for:

  • The student will attend this course if he or she had an interest in franchising and they want more knowledge before they make such an investment. People who already have some capital in invest in a Business/Franchise and have the drive to be self-employed will benefit the most from this course. There are no academic pre-requisites for this course.