Science of Long-term Well-Being

Science of Long-term Well-Being


Toxic stress is the strong activation of the body’s stress management system in absence of protective support. It means that the person is subconsciously worried that something bad might happen and this takes a tremendous toll on the body. It affects everyone and makes us nervous during common events in our life.

Toxic stress:

  • derails brain development (source: 1)
  • is responsible for the majority of adult addictions, incarcerations and chronic health problems (source: 2)
  • Reduces lifespan by 20 years (34 if involved with hard drugs) (source: 3)

Don’t believe those last two bullets? Neither did we. Until we read the hundreds of studies that reinforce these discoveries.

This course teaches what it is and how to reduce it in ourselves and our loved ones.

Sources: Udemy does not allow links here but see our Human Improvement Project website for full source links.

1 AAP National Conference

2 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association

3 Harvard Center on the Developing Child

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone but particularly parents and those with romantic partners