RxJava 2 : Reactive Programming using Java


  • Must know basics of Java language


Reactive is not new in Software Engineering. Within few years, we have seen increase in reactive solutions at a large scale. Let us look what reactive programming actually means.

Reactive programming is a paradigm which enables to program for streams of data in non blocking ( asynchronous ) manner. It makes the solutions such that the system reacts to the stream of events.

This course is about Reactive Programming using Java. It will be helpful to you to learn further reactive programming using Java frameworks like Reactive Spring and others.

This course can be used for learning basic paradigm of reactive programming

In this course we will cover

  1. Reactive Programming Paradigm using Java Framework
  2. Reactive Paradigm and Reactive Manifesto
  3. Reactive Observable
  4. Backpressure and Flowables
  5. Using Different Type of Operators
  6. Operators for filtering observables
  7. Operator for transforming observables
  8. Operator for combining observables
  9. Utility Operators on observables
  10. Conditional Operator on observables

Who this course is for:

  • Want to learn reactive programming, RxJava2
  • What to learn Reactive programming fundamentals before reactive frameworks of Spring