Ross Minchev – Lead Gen Affiliate Free Download

Ross Minchev – Lead Gen Affiliate Free Download.

Proven Ways to Six Figure Campaigns

No cloaking, no customer service, no product sourcing, and nothing shady

  • Master buying high-quality traffic
  • Gain Consistency in your affiliate campaigns
  • Learn how to test to find winning offers

All this sounds amazing, yeah?

It’s all fantastic until you fire up your 1st campaign and realize things are not fine-tuned, and you burn through a lot of money quickly.

When you are first starting, you have a lot of questions and the people that likely know the answers don’t want to help you.

The "free " Facebook groups and easy to access forums are usually dead-end streets and loaded with inadequate or wrong information.

Not all the information is “bad” out there; in fact, we have learned a lot from quality YouTubers in the past year.

My team and I went from a nice $30-40K a month profit literally to zero overnight and for an extended period.

The Governments of the world started pushing massive pressure on the networks to clean up their acts and enforce stricter rules etc.

You have to run “white hat” these days if you want some longevity in this business.

So that course; yeah we finished it, and we never took it to market because the stuff we were teaching stopped working and ethically I am not putting my name on something that is not working NOW!

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