Residential Real Estate Mastery Blueprint - Session VII

Residential Real Estate Mastery Blueprint - Session VII


  • It is recommended that you watch RREMB Sessions I thru VI prior to viewing this course.


Welcome to the Residential Real Estate Mastery Blueprint VII: How to Win Leads on Facebook™.

Where do you find people who may be willing to buy your product or service? You find them where they are. What product or service do you give them? You give them what they want! Where is everyone today? They’re on Facebook – which is why this final session of the RREM series is all about marketing on Facebook.

We start of by targeting the places within Facebook (FB Groups) where people who are interested in all things housing congregate. After doing a little bit of research, you’ll send your requests to join a ton of groups so that you can maximize your reach.

Next, we’ll teach you what to say and how to say it.

Here’s what you’ll learn in RREMB Session 7:

Module 1: 10 Blog Prompts for FB Groups

Module 2: Introductory Script to use on FB Messenger

Module 3: FB Live “Virtual Neighborhood Tours”

Module 4: FB “Just Listed” Ads

Module 5: FB “Property Tour” Videos

Module 6: FB “Mega Open House” Invites

Module 7: FB “Free Home Valuation” Ads

This is the last installment of a 7-part educational video series for beginner-level residential real estate agents.

Thanks for joining us for Residential Real Estate Mastery Blueprint .

May the Closed Sales Be Ever in Your Favor!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for entry-level real estate sales agents.