Residential Real Estate Mastery Blueprint - Session V

Residential Real Estate Mastery Blueprint - Session V


  • It is recommended that you watch RREMB Sessions I thru IV prior to viewing this course.


Welcome to the Residential Real Estate Mastery Blueprint - Session V - How to Win FSBO Listings Course!

This episode spans over 6 modules and covers a new twist on attracting FSBO sellers to list with you: offering to represent them for FREE! (WHAT???) Yep. I said free.

Like most real estate agents, you’ve probably cringed at the idea of being another one of “those agents” who solicit their services to expired listings and FSBOs. The idea of a client thinking, Not another agent! I can’t take any more of them calling me to get my listing!

That sentiment has more likely than not kept many agents from getting off the ground when starting out in real estate and subsequently throwing in the towel within their first year. How unfortunate. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! The good news is that what you’ll learn here will position you as a superb resource that will actually turn those FSBO sellers into RAVING FANS!

Here’s what you’ll learn in RREMB Session 5:

Module 1: FSBO “Shock & Awe” Packages

Module 2: Open House Campaign Strategy

Module 3: FSBO Listings Sales Script

Module 4: FSBO Open House Yard Signs

Module 5: The Email Follow-Up Series

Module 6: FSBO Prospecting - Where to Find Them

In the world of real estate, you aren’t practicing as an “agent” until you engage with a prospective client. Until that moment, your first job is that of a real estate marketer.

This course will help you to take your current marketing know-how and accelerate them with a new twist to FSBO marketing to gain momentum and a competitive advantage over your competition!

Additionally, you’ll get access to the pdf slide deck & other BONUS resources! Plus, you’ll have direct access to contact me with questions, comments, suggestions, and to share your success stories!

Ready to continue your real estate sales & marketing journey? Let’s dive in!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for entry-level real estate sales agents.