Real Estate Exam Prep - Real Estate Study Guide

Real Estate Exam Prep - Real Estate Study Guide


  • This is not a accredited pre-license course. You must enroll and pass your state’s pre-licensing course to be eligible for your state’s exam. Each state has a portion of the exam that is state specific. This guide is intended to be a general guide and cover the basics that are consistent with each state.


You cannot become a real estate agent without mastering the core concepts of real estate. Truly mastering these concepts will help you pass the real estate exam and make you a better real estate agent.

NOTE: This course is applicable in all 50 states.

In this real estate study guide, you will gain a deep understanding of the core concepts of real estate, prepare to pass the real estate license exam , and put that knowledge to use in a real estate career to avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your chances to be a successful agent . You will find solutions to issues that veteran agents may find incomprehensible.

This real estate exam prep will cover such advanced concepts as real property vs personal property, types of ownership, types of agency, types of listing agreements, how to figure list price, cost approach to valuing property, descriptions used to define real estate, sales contracts, negotiations, mortgages, mortgage insurance programs, property taxes, and more .

We’ll take a hard look at subjects such as fiduciary duties and types of disclosures to protect agents when helping clients buy and sell real estate.

Finally, you’ll learn about the various types of closings and how real estate agents are paid.

What you’ll learn in this course will help you pass the real estate exam, prepare you for a career in real estate, and help you when you are faced with objections in your real estate career.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are about to take your real estate licensing exam
  • If you are interested in learning the concepts of real estate
  • If you are an active agent who needs a refresher
  • If you are looking for real estate exam prep