React and Redux Masterclass

React and Redux Masterclass


  • Basic Javascript knowledge (with ES6 syntax)

  • Web development basics like HTML structure, DOM tree

  • I will assume you know what React is, and preferably created at least one application

  • I will also assume you know Components, JSX, ES6 syntax and understand the data flow in React


Interested in building applications that scale well , are bug free and easy to maintain ?

This is a course for you. I will show you how to write reusable React and Redux code .

React is the library that modern Javascript developers need to know. Truly knowing how to write reusable React JS views and Redux reducers will get you a job, and enable you to build quality frontend applications.

Important: This course is concise and focuses on the ability to write decoupled React.js & Redux code.

All videos are professionally edited for your convenience.

Who this course is for:

  • Those with Javascript skills who want to learn React library and start with good practices
  • Experienced React developers who struggle to maintain their projects
  • Anyone who strives to write reusable code using modern Javascript libraries
  • Redux users who embrace Flux architecture but use other library for Views than React
  • Those who struggle to write easily testable React or Redux code