Procurement and Sales: Tenders & Bids in 6 easy sessions

Procurement and Sales: Tenders & Bids in 6 easy sessions


  • Some awareness of commerical buying and selling in business

  • an ambition to sell your products and services into a client and what to focus your offer on


We clearly explain the expert practices in how you win business and how you select the right suppliers through a formal bid and tendering process .

With more and more corporations opting for “preferred supplier” lists, bids and tenders have become a fact of business life.

For the small or medium sized corporation without a specialist bids-and-tenders team, bid preparation can take great amounts of senior management time. Here’s where this course comes in: practical and written in an accessible style, it uses examples to explain how to create bids that are outstanding in technical quality and value for money, and that stand a chance of being successful. We provide “best-practice” advice on every step in the process, including: bidding for r contracts; analysing requirements; managing bids; resourcing and researching the bid; developing the bid; defining outputs and deliverables; communicating added value; describing professional experience; producing and submitting tenders; stating the costs; understanding tender evaluation; and making presentations.

When a company decides to purchase goods and services from suppliers they follow set stages and consult with many decision makers .

This Smart bid process reduces costs , avoids mistakes and selects the best suppliers to do business with at the best price . The smart bid process also gives sales teams best practice advice to follow ensuring selection and award of vendors will be a perfect fit for your business .

Who this course is for:

  • Buyers , vendor managers , supply chain managers ,
  • Sales , account managers , business students