Presentable Professional Presenting Skills for Thought-Leaders, YouTubers and Nerds!


Professional Presenting Skills for Thought-Leaders, YouTubers and Nerds!


  • No former presenting experience required.

  • Ability to watch and listen to videos, understand instruction, undertake exercises and self-testing.

  • Ability to record yourself on a phone or camera device and play these back for self-evaluation.

  • Dedication to learning and self-improvement.


Even experts struggle with how to best present their ideas to an audience.

With the unprecedented growth of video content, experts and thought-leaders are increasingly expected to appear on camera despite having no formal training in presenting skills. Whether you’re self-shooting, or in a studio, you want your presenting skills to carry the same weight and authority as your expertise, but all too-often the alien nature of filming and speaking under pressure can be our undoing.

This can lead to under-performance, negative experiences, and future avoidance of projects which could raise your profile and catapult your career to new heights!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Presenting is a skill - not an inborn talent. Armed with these extensively field-tested techniques and in-depth industry knowledge, Presentable will make sure you’re never caught short on camera again.

This course will teach you how to:

• Deliver clear, professional, and powerful performances and presentations

• Tackle & harness stage -fright and nerves

• Feel comfortable and project confidence on camera

• Succeed in video & audio interviews (as host or guest!)

• Understand the power of non-verbal communication and body language for the screen

• How to harness and bring out the best in your facial expressions

• Use the correct posture & breathing techniques

• Work with the camera, line of sight and walking whilst on camera

• Increase your vocal power, and speak with clarity

• Tailor your scripts and reports for the screen into a style that suits you

• Work comfortably with a prompt or Autocue

• Know what to expect on set & working in television

• Recover quickly and gracefully from on-screen fluffs

Your videos are only as strong as your presence on camera! I’ll take you through all the core skills I’ve honed in my time as a subject-communicator- with over a decade’s worth of experience on major networks like Sky and the History Channel.

Our Alumni includes presenters on Bloomberg, Nat Geo and The Science Channel! - Join us and own the only presenting course tailored for experts, thought-leaders, subject-communicators and instructors!

A New Way of Learning

This course includes self-assessment exercises to track your progress

  • Broken down into 10 categories with manageable sub- topics
  • Built-in exercises & self-testing
  • Not just a filmed seminar or screen-capture
  • Twenty-five tailored video topics, with ten sections & assignments

Communicate ideas that create impact.

You’ll need clarity, confidence, and poise to get your ideas across. To maximize impact, the quality of the medium has to match the quality of the message. Don’t let inexperience on camera water down your impact on screen! Learn how the professionals stay on point, and deliver with authority!

Learn from an industry expert

Taught by an industry professional, with over 15 years of tuition and a decade of professional media experience, Dr Paul Harrison has appeared on major networks, working with industry titans like Sky News, The History Channel, The Science Channel, and Sega. But don’t let his experience fool you - he’s the first to admit that his early camera appearances were less than dazzling! And having worked consistently at his craft, he’s aware of the most common pain points and obstacles to progress.

Learn how to harness your camera presence and capitalize on the video marketing explosion.

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Who this course is for:

  • Subject experts and professionals who need to be on camera
  • Talking-head experts appearing on television and news items
  • Udemy and course instructors who need to write and present lessons for camera
  • Professionals looking to enhance their skills and careers
  • Thought-leaders looking to share ideas in a confident professional manner
  • Scientists, analysts and advisers who want to expand into media
  • Business owners who want to harness the power of video for their marketing strategies
  • Anybody who needs to be on camera for professional, business, expertise or personal vlogging!\