Practical Passwords


  • This course has been designed for just about anyone, all that’s required is a basic understanding of passwords and a desire to create stronger passwords that you can actually live with


If you’re like most people you’ve probably experienced some pain and frustration because of passwords. This course is intended to look at new ways to create strong passwords that you can actually live with (remember, type, change, and manage).

During the course we take a look at some of the ways passwords are compromised and how you can better defend yourself against them. Don’t worry though, the course is designed with the whole family in mind. So bring along little Suzy, Auntie Mae, and Grandpa Joe anyone that has a password can benefit from the course.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is really for just about anyone who wants to learn how to create strong passwords that are easier to remember, type, and manage
  • Although the course was designed for an adult audience, the presentation the course was created from has been delivered successfully to elementary and high-school students, so if your child is old enough to have a password he or she may benefit from the course as well.