Practical DNS with Pihole, cloudflared, and unbound


  • Basic linux skills.

  • Basic networking skills.

  • An old computer or raspberry pi to follow along.


Learn about DNS, Pihole, and how to set everything up on a Raspberry Pi or any old Linux computer you have laying around. This course will focus mainly on Debian (e.g. Ubuntu) distributions, but the resource.txt files do make the installation instructions for other distributions available where applicable.

We will install and use cloudflared so that we can use DNS over HTTPS. In the bonus video we will set up unbound so that we can run our own recursive resolver.

This course is fully hands-on and will try and teach you something that you can apply practically and use for many years to come.

Who this course is for:

  • Technologists and tinkerers.
  • Beginner Network.
  • Beginner Security.
  • Beginner Linux.