Power Pallet Operator Certification

Power Pallet Operator Certification


  • You should make yourself familiar with the basic language of power generation and gasification before beginning this course

  • Proficient in English

  • Basic knowledge of tool use


The Power Pallet is a complex piece of sophisticated technology that takes a level of expertise to operate successfully. This course is expected to take about 12 hours to complete and when finished, should prepare you to be able to set up, start and operate a PP20 Power Pallet. ALL Power Labs wants to assure that all of its customers have success using our products. You can demonstrate your readiness to take delivery of your new Power Pallet by completing this course successfully.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in operating or understanding small-scale biomass gasification
  • New customers trying to decide if a Power Pallet is suited to their application
  • Customers who have ordered a Power Pallet and need to learn how to operate it before they take delivery
  • People who have taken delivery of their Power Pallet and need to know how to set up and operate it
  • People who are responsible for any level of the operation of an existing Power Pallet installation
  • People curious about carbon negative power