PLC Program from SCRATCH in Under 1 Hour!


  • Hardware - Computer (e.g. Desktop or Laptop)

  • Software Simatic Manager - Step 7


This FREE course teaches you how to build (AND TEST!!) a simple shutter program from scratch, starting from hardware configuration, to building your first rung of logic, to completing a basic shutter with manual open and close control, to verifying and validating your logic with the built-in simulator.

You shall also learn to enhance the logic through self-holding and timer delaying actions.

What’s more? You will learn to use Function Calls to create an additional shutter control within minutes!!

Find out if PLC programming is for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in PLC programming
  • Automation students
  • Anyone planning to set foot in the industrial automation field
  • Any instructor looking for tutoring material