Physical Computing with Arduino, Nodemcu & Raspberry Pi


  • Basic Knowledge of Computer & Internet.

  • Basic Knowledge of Electronics (i.e. Voltage, Battery, Buzzer, DC Power Supply, LED).

  • Basic Programming knowledge (i.e Execution Steps for programming).


Hardware Interfacing is one of the Biggest Challange nowadays.

Hardware becomes the Front line data generator & collector in IoT (Internet of Things).

This course will help to learn Hardware basics along with the programming part of it.

Two special topics covered in this course are as follows.

  1. Remote Web Browser based LED ON-OFF. (using Nodemcu).
  2. Node-Red programming for Easy startup with Raspberry Pi.

Few of the Resources and Codes are given wherever it is required.

Best luck to all the participants.

Who this course is for:

  • 8-12 Standard Students
  • Engineering Students (CE-IT-EC-ICT)
  • Electronics Hobbyist
  • IOT Hobbyist