Orientation to Ayurveda

Orientation to Ayurveda


  • Receptivity



Is Ayurveda as expensive and exotic as it appears today? Not at all, Ayurveda is NOT A PRODUCT! It is healing wisdom, priceless, and freely accessible to all!​ ​

Unfortunately, today Ayurved is growing into a market similar to modern medicine. And if we don’t stop this culture, Ayurved will lose its soul. The Ayurved Channel is an attempt to bring forth the original Ayurved, its basic concepts, and practical applications. ​Ayurved is healing wisdom. It should be free of marketing clutter.

This course can help you to know that you can keep healthy without any expensive medicines, health supplements, therapies, or exotic herbs. No one needs to buy health. Health is an innate gift given to all. Ayurved teaches us to preserve the gift! ​ ​

I hope to make these creations freely accessible to all.

Who this course is for:

  • Health conscious people
  • Ayurveda enthusiasts
  • vegans