[NEW] Functional programming for javascript developers

[NEW] Functional programming for javascript developers


  • No… A basic knowledge of javascript would help. But its perfect for beginners who want to have a great foundation to build their skills.


Improve your code with functional patterns like pure functions, compose & map/reduce/filter…plus advanced concepts like fusion, transducing and monads!

Solidify your knowledge of functional JavaScript programming, including objects, arrays, and prototypes

Learn higher-order functions, closures, scope, master key functional methods like map, reduce and filter and promises and ES6+ asynchronous JavaScript. Go beyond the fundamentals of asynchronous JavaScript and use features and techniques that will help you reduce code and create smarter applications.

Learning how to build and manage asynchronous functional programs is perhaps the most important part of becoming an effective JavaScript programmer.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Developers that want to learn about functional programming concepts.