Myndset: Create unique and emotional ideas in 30 minutes

Myndset: Create unique and emotional ideas in 30 minutes


  • Enthusiastic about creating ideas


Are you looking for a lean and easy ideation method?

With Myndset it doesn’t matter who is trying to create an idea - whether they are creative directors, teachers, startups, writers or students. Learn about our simple, but challenging method and take the guesswork out of creating value-based ideas - in just 30 mins!

We gamified ideation for you, so let’s get started!

BONUS: You’ll receive the blueprint for the Idea Canvas - A tool for you to align the ideation session with your group or just yourself a little easier! (Our gift for you!)

Who this course is for:

  • People wo think they are not creative at all
  • Everyone who wants to create unique ideas
  • Entrepreneurs looking to include teams from different departments into their product development
  • Creative Directors looking to for a new method for ideation
  • Individuals looking to playfully discover behavioral design
  • Everyone who wants to get inspired