My Secrets of Mental Math

My Secrets of Mental Math -Multiplication Table Smackdown !


  • You must know traditional method to add ,subtract and multiply numbers.


As a Math student you should already know the tradition method that is taught in school. I won’t teach you the traditional methods but it will be my secret methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide small as well as large numbers.This is the complete course to master mental Math.

Summary of What Yo u’ll Learn in My Course:

Mental addition & subtraction- Learn how to add & subtract small as well as large numbers mentally very fast. Watch Lecture 2 now to learn to add numbers mentally.

Memorize Multiplication Table - Learn how to calculate multiplication table up to 100000 mentally. You can easily extend the method for numbers above 100000 as well.You’ll remember the table lifelong as all you need to know and practice my method.

Challenge lectures will help you to apply the method on large numbers.Quizzes are designed for different situations and will help you apply & the learn the method I’ll teach.

My methods are proven to get best results.This course has many extra concepts and methods included with great details and in a well-structured manner with quizzes & challenges.

In 2015, I started to write a blog to help students learn Math in an easy way.Thousands of blog readers already benefited by that and I’ve got very good feedback from them. Some feedback by students on my website:

"Hi Niraj,I was searching for an easy method to remember tables. My son is in second std. and finds it difficult to memorize tables from 13 onwards. The method that you explained is really easy. I hope I’ll be able to explain it well to him so that he doesn’t get frustrated with rote learning the tables. I wish, I knew this technique earlier, while I was in school. Thanks!!" -By Deepa

It’s surprising to find on MathsEquation a resource so precious about equations.We will note your page as a benchmark for How to Subtract Numbers Mentally-at Super Fast Speed.We also invite you to link and other web resources for equations on Wikipedia Thank you and good luck! -By Princeton University

You have shown amazing math tricks! I am impressed on your work.It was very helpful for me to know some shortcut trick of mathematical terms. think,This type of work may be very useful for the students and the person who are very keen to learn shortcut Mathematical way.Thanks to the author for providing such kinds of lessons.keep going on…By Rahman

Many students have been benefited already. Enroll Now! and learn my Mental Math tricks which will be valuable to you for lifelong.

How is this course different?

This course is first of its’ type as it’s based upon my own research and method which solved a problem in other Mental Math methods.You will find these tricks only in my course.

I’ve designed mental Math methods from scratch based on a single Math rule that any number can be expressed as a sum of 10’s multiple.My aim was that every calculation must be done in mind to call it mental Math. I’ve tested my methods in every situation and it worked. My methods are very practical to use in real life situation to calculate addition,subtraction & multiplication mentally & you won’t have to use pen & paper. If you use pen & paper it’ll still work.

Initially you may lack in terms of speed as you’ll be doing every calculations mentally but once you practice my methods it’ll prove better in terms of speed as well.It’s like an exercise for your brain the more you practice the better you’ll become.

You’ll feel like as if you’re reading words instead of numbers while adding ,subtracting& multiplying numbers mentally. Think about how fast you can speak.

No special symbols used.These symbols increases complexity and makes it difficult to calculate addition,subtraction & multiplication mentally.

You won’t have to memorize many rules basically there is single rule think in terms of 10’s multiple.for demo watch lecture 2.

The basic problem student faces while doing Mental Math is it’s very difficult to remember the result of intermediate calculations.In my method it’s easy to calculate everything mentally as there will always be only one intermediate result you’ll have to recall.It works like a ladder, you’ll calculate one intermediate result & update that result mentally in next step.

Step 1: Result 1

Step 2: Result 2 calculated by updating result 1.

Step 3: Result 3 or final answer- calculated by updating result 2 and so on. Depending upon problem size the number of steps may change.

As you’ll see in above example in step 3 you won’t need to recall result 1, you’ll only need to recall intermediate result 2.You’ll be able to recall the intermediate calculations and come to the final answer in a most logical way mentally. You’ll get a feel of numbers and enjoy it.

This is the most unique course with brand new methods. It teaches you mental Math from zero to the most advance level in a completely new and better way.

Why you need this course?

In a school, we memorize multiplication table up to 20 but we are not able to recall it after some time. With my techniques you’ll be able to calculate multiplication table up to very large number mentally.

Ability to perform an addition, subtraction & multiplication mentally, will give you confidence.

Save valuable time in competition exams by doing mental addition, subtraction & multiplication.

If you are hungry for puzzles you’ll enjoy this course very much.

Who this course is for:

  • You should not take this course if you are not ready to adopt ,practice & learn completely new methods.
  • You should not take this course if you are expecting to become Math genius after completing the course.
  • You should not take this course if you want a method faster than calculator. It’s a myth as only few persons born with a God gifted ability to do faster calculation than calculator. This course is to improve your mental ability to calculate and think smartly for solution.
  • You should not take this course if you are expecting Vedic methods as I’ll be teaching my own secret method and I think you’ll find it very practical to use.
  • You should not take this course if you are not interested in Math and numbers.
  • This course is for Maths students, teachers and parents who want to teach their child these methods.