Music Business 101: How to Earn and Grow from Scratch (2020)

Music Business 101: How to Earn and Grow from Scratch (2020)


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Updated on April 7, 2020
Welcome to my free course Music Business 101. Back in 2017, this was my third experience publishing a course on Udemy and it quickly became a hit with my students. Don’t take my word for it – read the reviews for yourself…

Loved this course. This is just right guideline for musicians who are starting their career or need more info and tips to learn more ways to become successful in the music industry. I’m thankful for all the tips and suggestions Steven shares in this course, and what is amazing is that he gives his course for Free!? Thank you for your inspiring experience and knowledge you shared in each section of your amazing course! So so useful! –Nodira A.

Absolutely awesome course, so much useful knowledge that I feel has really helped me on my path to becoming a composer. Steven is a passionate and engaging teacher. And it’s FREE! –Peter J.

I enjoyed getting some behind the scenes insight related to business in this field. Business is my least favorite part of being a composer and I feel like many fellow composers echo that sentiment. It’s something that I’ve overlooked quite a bit and that realization is why I enrolled in this course. It was great to get some detailed explanations of how things work and strategies to succeed financially in this art form. –Josh C.


In this updated 2020 version, I’ve completely remade the course to focus on only 2 topics:

  • How to earn the first dollars as a composer
  • How to grow to a full-time business

Even though this course is relatively short, with less than 2 hours of content, I hope that every video has tremendous value for you and helps you get real results in your business .

I look forward to connecting with you inside. Talk to you soon.

Your Coach,
Steven Melin

Who this course is for:

  • Musicians seeking to earn more music income
  • Composers seeking to start a music business
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to understand the nuances of the music industry
  • Anyone who wants to earn income from music