Mentor for Impact - Start Mentoring

Mentor for Impact - Start Mentoring


  • You´ll need a computer, tablet or a smartphone and good internet connection to view the videos in this course.


This course provides essential wisdom & tools that help you start and succeed as a mentor . In this course you will find:

  1. Overview of main areas for mentoring opportunities .
  2. Essential qualities of a good mentor.
  3. Structure for mentoring meetings .
  4. Structure for GROW model conversations.
  5. Framework for sharing your experience through storytelling .
  6. Tips to motivate your mentee to follow through and get results .

In bonus section you will find:

  • Printable GROW model structure worksheet.
  • Goalsetting worksheet.
  • Powerful questions for mentoring conversations.

Take this course if you are planning to become a volunteer mentor in your organization or a youth program and you are looking for information on how to structure and hold mentoring meetings.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are planning to volunteer as mentors in youth programs
  • NGO members who are asked to become mentors for new members
  • People who are asked to join as mentors in business competitions and brainstorming sessions, to help participants develop their ideas