Mastery Of Conversations

Mastery Of Conversations


Mastery Of Conversations

The skill of being able to communicate effectively and engage in conversations is not as common as you might think.

We think of conversation skills as a ‘foundation’ communication skill - one you can build on to develop a wide range of other social skills.

Social skills are not something everyone is born with, especially if you’re an introvert - but it doesn’t need to stay that way.

You don’t need to be the loudest, most extroverted person in the room to engage positively with other people and have a great time in social settings, you just need the knowledge and skills in your ‘social toolbox’ so you can take your interactions to the next level.

In this course we’ll cover a range of topics including;

  • Understanding successful conversations
  • Preparation
  • Introductions
  • Conversation starters
  • Exit strategies
  • Extra tips
  • Practice

This course includes specific tips and advice for a range of situations; ranging from work, to parties and everything in between.

The beauty is that these skills can transfer to any social situation and go hand-in-hand with other social skills.

We’ve utilised specific tips and techniques as well as targeted examples to pack a lot of value into this short-course so you can easily absorb everything we’ve put together and build up your confidence in as short a time as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who would like to improve their communication or social skills.
  • If you feel you’re lacking in this area, this course is perfect for you