Mastering Nessus for Web Application and Network Security


  • Basics of TCP/IP model

  • Knowledge of Windows fundmentals


Welcome to this Mastering Nessus for Web Application and Network Security! This course will be highly practical but also be covering theory in the beginning. This course is extremely helpful for security engineers or security consultant who want to perform vulnerability scanning for their organizations or customers.

This course starts with introducing Nessus basics where you’ll learn what problem does it solve for organizations including Vulnerabilities, Deviations, OEM best practices and Internal policies issue.

Nessus Deployment Options : Here, you’ll learn different components of Nessus tool, its deployment methods and some deployment considerations. You’ll also get the Lab on how to manage multiple scanner through Scanner health.

Nessus Installation : In this section, you will learn to install Nessus Scanner.

Launching Scan : Here you’ll learn to launch different scans such as host discovery, network scan, credential scan, malware scan and wannacry ransomware scan.

Advance Web Application Test : In this, students will learn to launch an advance web application scanning such as Advance Scan, Advance dynamic scan, Web Application Test for known vulnerabilities, Web application Test for All vulnerabilities(Quick) and Web application Test for All vulnerabilities(Complex).

Analysis and Reporting : At the end, you’ll learn to perform basic and advance analysis with each scan results. You’ll also learn to prepare a report to share with the concern team.

Who this course is for:

  • Security Analyst who want scan their complete Infrastructure including Network, database and Web Applications
  • Cybersecurity or Infosec engineers who want to learn Web Application Scanning in details with Nessus Scanner