Master Decision making with " Excel What-If Analysis"!

Master Decision making with " Excel What-If Analysis" !


  • Desire to learn and an open mind

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Welcome to the course where you will learn one of the most underutilized feature of excel , what-If analysis ! .

Data has become an inseparable parts of our lives. Enormous amount of data is collected on daily basis in every industry IT, Hospitality, Aviation, Banking , Tourism and Real Estate .

Data always remain in abstract form. It doesn’t make a sense unless until you process it.

Data has it’s own simple language you just have to understand it.Once learn, you discover amazing new facts, information or insights about the data ,which will immensely improve your critical thinking and strategic decision making .

Master the art of strategic decision making –

Through real life examples you will master various tools like Goal seek which is used for reverse calculation , Data table which is used for sensitivity analysis and scenario manager which is used for scenario comparisons .

Apart from this You will learn to use Excel solver to handle more Complex problems with ease.

Content and Overview: -

Together we will walk through this process, systematically decoding each element.

Irrespective of the domain and industry, apart from giving necessary knowledge, tool and techniques this is my attempt to help you improve decision making process.

I have tried to use applied learning approach while designing the course. This approach integrates class room learning with real-world situations.

What will you learn?

  • Goal seek - How to get required input to achieve results.

  • How to perform sensitivity Analysis using data tables.

  • Scenario comparisons for ease of decision making.

  • How to deal with complex problems using much powerful excel solver.

  • Learn to handle the data and process it.

  • Who is the target Audience?

  • Anyone who wants to improve productivity.

  • Anyone who wants to master the art of decision making…

  • Anyone who wants grow.

Post purchase support : - A complete support and assistance is available for you.I would really love to see you use this on regular basis .

Money Back Guarantee : - On top of it UDEMY gives money back guarantee for 30 days if you are not satisfied.

See you inside the course and add this amazing tool to your knowledge portfolio.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who wants to improve decision making
  • Any one who wants to improve productivity