Making Tax Digital - UK HMRC Legislation Explained

Making Tax Digital - UK HMRC Legislation Explained


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The HMRC in the UK are introducing a new regime over the next few years whcih will be one of the biggest shakeups to the tax system in over 50 years and it is called: Making Tax Digital (MTD). This course is aimed at all self employed people, as well as accountants in the UK as they are on the forefront of being impacted directly by what is about to happen.

We cover:

  • What you (as a UK tax payer in business) need to do now to prepare
  • What you (as an accountant / bookkeeper) working with clients need to do now to prepare for the changes
  • What MTD is (the biggest change to the administration of tax since the invention of PAYE in 50+ years!)
  • Who will be impacted (every individual who is a taxpayer and every business in the UK will be affected)
  • Why is it happening
  • When is it happening

Making Tax Digital WILL change the way businesses keep their accounting records and report their income to HMRC. You are unlikely to be immune to the changes, and there will be penalties to pay for none compliance.

Take this course to get an overview and to start preparing for what this change may mean for you.

Who this course is for:

  • UK businesses and self employed individuals