Make Yourself Clear

Make Yourself Clear


  • At least 1-2 years of professional experience in sales, training, management, or client/customer service will be helpful for contextualizing our examples and methods. However, it is not required.


Selling is teaching. Leading is teaching. Training is teaching. Providing great customer support and client service is teaching. Make Yourself Clear articulates and amplifies the opportunities for cross-industry learning between businesses and schools. Educational research-driven practices — including formative assessment, designing for understanding, personalized feedback, and differentiated instruction — can and do drive results in corporate environments. Engaging and accessible, this course is a must-have resource for anyone wishing to approach his or her workplace as a high-level, supportive learning environment. The business case for teaching has never been more clear.

Who this course is for:

  • Sellers who are passionate about forming lasting relationships with customers and improving themselves and those whom they serve.
  • Leaders who recognize that being a supervisor is more than telling people what to do; it is about helping them get better at what they do in service of the organization.
  • Trainers who are trying to teach and reach more learners, more efficiently and more effectively.
  • Service and support professionals who want to do more than just get the project or task done.