Lookup Functions, Advanced Charts and Pivot tables

Lookup Functions, Advanced Charts and Pivot tables


  • Basic computer operating knowledge

  • Microsoft Excel


Graphics, images, and charts are great ways to visualize and represent the data, and Excel does exactly same thing for us by automatically creating the charts. After you enroll and complete this course, you will be proficient in all kinds of charts in Excel: Bar Charts, Column Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts, Area Charts, X Y Scatter Charts, Bubble Charts. You will be able not only to create these charts in Excel, but also to format them quickly and easily.

This course also provides an in-depth coverage of pivot tables and pivot charts. These are two of the powerful data analysis tools in Excel’s arsenal, and they should definitely be mastered by anyone who aspires to becoming an Excel “power user. Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts allow you to dynamically reorganize and display your data in many different ways and they help you get meaningful information from large amounts of data.

Who this course is for:

  • From beginners, to advanced users, this course is perfect for all ability levels
  • Anyone hoping to expand their analytics skill set, work more efficiently with data