Learn Wave accounting to maintain books properly


  • If you are having basic accounting knowledge than you can directly start the course or else you can start with the basic accounting lectures.


This course will teach you how to maintain your own books of accounts by using Wave Accounting software.

This course includes accounting activities done in Wave Accounting like creating chart of account,creating an invoice,bills,expenses, reconciliation of bank statement or understanding various Wave reports

This course is explained with the help of screen cast and all the process or activities are shown stepwise through examples

This course is meant for small business owner and professional who wants to maintain their own books of accounts through Wave Accounting.

Whether you are a non finance person or finance person , this course will help you understand accounting activities in Wave Accounting better by providing you the knowledge on the basics concepts of accounting.

At the end of this course, you will be able to-

  1. Set up your own books of account in Wave Accounting

  2. Manage and create customer master ,invoices and receive payment through Wave

  3. Manage and create vendor master and book various type of expenses

  4. Perform bank reconciliation independently.

  5. Understand various reports in Wave

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for business owners,freelancers, artist,self publishing authors and anyone who is interested in maintaining their books of accounts on wave accounting software.
  • This course can be taken by both finance and non finance background person.
  • This course is not meant for those who wants to maintain their books of accounts in cloud accounting software other than wave accounting