Learn SOSL & SOQL | Salesforce Beginners


  • Able to write database query


In this video, we will teach SOQL in Salesforce development:

We will be discussing the following things in this video:

  1. What is SOQL?

  2. Different clauses in SOQL (or, AND and where)?

  3. What is SOQL variable binding?

  4. What are the different return types for SOQL?

  5. What are SOQL aggregate functions?

  6. What is SOSL?

  7. Different clauses in SOSL (or, AND and where)?

  8. How to write down SOSL in Apex?

  9. What are the different SOSL clauses?

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Salesforce Developers
  • Beginner Developers